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You are assured of a warm welcome at our Victorian guest house situated in its own gardens, one of the very few in the area with private off road parking.


Over the years the charming building has been tastefully modernised to provide clean and comfortable accommodation whilst still retaining many of its original features.

Places To Stay Folkestone During A Lone Summer Holiday

April 8th, 2021

Most of us missed even a single holiday last year. Isn’t it? But this year we can plan a short holiday trip to some loner places. You can plan to holiday in Folkestone as all accommodation Folkestone are following COVID-19 safety guidelines strictly.

We would suggest people avoid crowded places, like the National Parks, the Cotswolds, or the Lake District or a coastal destination as it would help you keep you and your family and friends as much safe as possible.

Where to find the Best Places to Stay Folkestone?

Kent is a good choice to explore nature and some of the most excellent castles, away from the crowds. While Kent is not so hyped as a holiday destination, it has quite many things to get explored. Starting from the lesser-known North Downs, the Garden of England to the delicious local cuisine. The remarkable heritage of the mesmerizing vineyards, rivers, and lakes – you can’t sit idle while traveling across Kent.

If you have decided to explore Kent, Folkestone would be the best place to stay.

Folkestone is a beautiful port town on the English Channel, in Kent. And maintains the easiest communication with all the tourist places nearby. Moreover, there are many places to stay Folkestone, including the most reputable guest houses and bed and breakfast accommodation Folkestone.

Most of the bed and breakfast in Folkestone guest houses usually provide accommodation for family or friends groups, which helps the accommodation Folkestone maintain a more home-like ambiance.

As most of such accommodations are built within local Victorian structures. Enjoy a vintage atmosphere throughout the place. Though all the modern-day amenities are installed. This is to make your holiday trouble-free with a perfect combination of the old and new.

So, while finding options for places to stay Folkestone, make sure to check their facilities, services, location, and property.

Where To Visit In & Around Folkestone?

If you are finally in Folkestone, don’t miss the Leeds Castle accommodation Folkestone and the Deal Castle accommodation as these two places are among the most amazing places to visit in Kent.

Both Leeds Castle and Deal Castle are nearby from any reputable accommodation Folkestone, you can plan a day out there.

Leeds Castle Accommodation Folkestone 

Along with exploring the picturesque Folkestone. Don’t miss out on the stunning beauty of Leeds Castle. Often stated as the “loveliest castle in the world.”

The castle authority offers Leeds Castle accommodation to enjoy every beauty. Our beautiful gardens, birds of prey center, wildlife, museum, maze and grotto, and many more attractions.

Deal Castle Accommodation Folkestone

It is another architectural splendor as well as one of the finest artillery castles in the UK.

The accommodation in folkestone authority allows tourists to explore the castle. From the underground storerooms and tunnels to the circular rooms above.

With a wide option of children’s activities and enthralling artifacts all around, people can enjoy the rich and varied history of the castle.

If you have made up your mind to go for a holiday, consider Folkestone for an exciting experience. You will get many places to stay in Folkestone, though book your stay at a reputable family and friend accommodation Folkestone, like The Wycliffe Guest House to ensure you spend the best and most relaxing holidays.